Feel free to check my resume and connect with me. I consider myself a lifelong learner and I am mainly interested in digital marketing, marketing technology, analytics, R and data analysis.



  • Book

    Mastering RStudio - Develop, Communicate, and Collaborate with R

    Harness the power of RStudio to create web applications, R packages, markdown reports and pretty data visualizations.
    Published December 2015 - 348 Pages
    Learn more: Amazon.com - Packt Publishing

  • Essay

    Data-Driven Marketing Ebook - Transform Your Marketing Today. Sponsored by Visual IQ

    Download the full ebook on data-driven marketing on Slideshare or get directly to my essay on the visualIQ page.


  • Jan 2018 - TODAY

    Head of Marketing Technology

    Fashionette GmbH

    Position Description:

    • Creation, development and optimization of a modern marketing technology stack
    • Building and leading a team of automation managers, marketing analysts & infrastructure managers
    • Integration, harmonization, enrichment and transformation of marketing data
    • Technological responsibility for all tools used in the marketing department

  • May 2015 - Dec 2017

    Digital Analyst - Marketing Intelligence

    Parfümerie Douglas GmbH

    Position Description:

    • Marketing attribution modeling and customer journey analysis from a top level channel perspective
    • Generation of relevant customer insights based on various data sources
    • Creation of interactive reports & dashboards with Excel, VBA, R & Shiny
    • KPI forecasting for all marketing sales channel

  • May 2012 - Jan 2015

    Online Marketing & Sales Manager

    quintly Inc.

    Position Description:

    • Development and optimization of the marketing department
    • Set up of the online marketing strategy of the company
    • Analysis and further development of the conversion funnel
    • Planning and supervision of the social media marketing, SEO content marketing and advertising department

  • Sep 2010 - May 2012

    Online Marketing Manager

    FriendCaller - C2Call GmbH

    Position Description:

    • Planning, development and management of the following disciplines: SEO, social media, mobile, email and content marketing
    • Conceptual design, implementation and continuous development of a monetization strategy for FriendCaller Products
    • Controlling, optimization & campaign development for the areas advertising and publishing
    • Project & product management in cooperation with the relevant departments design and IT development

  • Feb 2010 - Sep 2010

    Online & Social Media Marketing Internship

    FriendCaller - C2Call GmbH

    Position Description:

    • Self dependent writing of the social media marketing plan
    • Creation, management and design of all FriendCaller blogs
    • Design and implementation of social media campaigns
    • Administration and coordination of Facebook and Twitter profiles
    • Social Media Monitoring and evaluation of online campaigns



  • Data Science Specialization | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: WENK64LFTG2C | Verify
  • The Data Scientist’s Toolbox | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: YBJADYRGXA | Verify
  • R Programming | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: SSEMCNZM52 | Verify
  • Getting and Cleaning Data | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: 59CNN8RYJ6 | Verify
  • Exploratory Data Analysis | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: 5XZ97YKHJF | Verify
  • Reproducible Research | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: S38WQ9VYKA | Verify
  • Statistical Inference | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: UFF6BZZAFY | Verify
  • Regression Models | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: K2DVLWTVR7 | Verify
  • Practical Machine Learning | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: DGB3P885KD | Verify
  • Developing Data Products | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: W8FTVQ4RHC | Verify
  • Foundations of strategic business analytics | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: 6E6AA7AZBXEU | Verify
  • Foundations of marketing analytics | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: FA4PDGB6RXUB | Verify
  • Case studies in business analytics with ACCENTURE | Coursera Verified Certificates | License: 7KT2UXX57FUQ | Verify


  • Reporting with R Markdown | Datacamp | License: 3410e30d260c8eeccf211e6b721ea2718ec5f4ee | Verify
  • How to work with Quandl in R | Datacamp | License: 102ecdb5a2cdcdcb9b7f1c1acb1ee544f403c759 | Verify
  • Kaggle R Tutorial on Machine Learning | Datacamp | License: 75d12d6aa706fcec1932627221ff434f119e22a6 | Verify
  • Introduction to R | Datacamp | License: a7cf007efbff0eacba588fedcaec92c5662d5d7e | Verify
  • Intermediate R | Datacamp | License: 1782a86fd5ca3179293e83cadefe4e030e6168ac | Verify


  • SQL for Marketers | Udemy | License: UC-NY91I2RS | Verify
  • Build Web Apps in R with Shiny | Udemy | License: UC-X4F22E7N | Verify
  • Fundamentals of Business Analysis | Udemy | License: UC-M35MBR5J | Verify

Social Media Akademie:

  • Basis Lehrgang (Base Course) Social Media | Social Media Akademie | Verify


  • Oct 2006 - Sep 2010

    Economic Sciences

    TU Dortmund

    The Economics Sciences study represents an access method, especially for careers in industry, trade and commerce, banks, insurance companies and other service companies, research institutes, associations and public sector.

  • Oct 2005 - Sep 2006

    Economic Sciences

    Universität Trier

    Economics is a social science that studies all aspects of human behavior and social interaction. The traditional focus of economics is on the study of labor, investment, production, consumption, money, trade, taxes, and government expenditure. Modern economics has extended its focus to also analyze seemingly non-economic aspects of life such as crime, law, family, health, culture, politics, psychology, and evolution.